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woman with back pain Spinal and joint pain

A bad back problem is something that most of us suffer from at some point, either due to accidents or sports injuries or unhealthy resting positions. Most of the time the pain is temporary but sometimes repetitive strain can bring a lifetime of discomfort.

Spinal and joint pain

When spinal or joint pain becomes chronic, that's when you need some extra help. Osteopathy is a highly successful and recommended method of dealing with spinal and joint problems so that you can live a healthy pain-free life.

Is spinal and joint pain worth treating?

Why do I get spinal pain?


The back and spine is made up of lots of small tendons, joints, muscles and spinal discs. Any problems with these can cause spinal pain, which can radiate to other parts of the body. Spinal pain can also be due to age.



•Myofascial therapy

•Soft tissue mobilisation

•Muscle energy

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