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Are you suffering from a sports injury? Or are you experiencing joint or back pain? Visit Fulwood Therapy Centre today for massage services. We are based in Preston and have a team of experienced professionals that can use various massage methods to bring you comfort and relief.

Whether you are an athlete suffering from a sports injury, or just a non-athlete with muscular pain or tissue injury, we can help you. Sports massages take away the aches and pains and help in stimulating the muscles.

Sports massage

Massage is a non-invasive way of treating discomfort, joint and back pain, as well as sports injuries. At Fulwood, we use tried and tested techniques that will leave you feeling comfortable and relieved of constant dull aches and pains.

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Sports massage therapy can be used to help treat muscular or tissue pain that has been sustained through sport. Call Fulwood Therapy Centre to know more, on: 017772 719 215.

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to book a massage for yourself or your loved ones.

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